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The Fellowship

First, to be clear, the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship is not an organized church. It is a group of likeminded Mormons that have been moved by the Holy Spirit to follow the teachings of Christ through the prophet David's revelations and their own personal revelations. The Fellowship is a blueprint. How to organize this branch of Lord's church on the Earth. What roles the Lord needs people to fill and to play. It is a bridge to help Christians cross the divide we have created warring against one another.


This Site

This site is currently in beta, and was created to house scriptures from the various branches of Mormonism (a branch of Christianity, much like the Catholic or Protestant branches). Only the Holy Bible (Old and New Testaments) and the Book of Mormon are universally accepted. On this website, we have collected a number of scriptures and writings we feel, by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, may also be valuable to the Fellowship and other Mormon denominations.

Reaching Out

This site is being compiled by a small number of volunteers. If you feel the Spirit that brought you here (the Lord put you on the path that brought you to this site), asking you to participate, or if you have any questions or comments about the Fellowship, or this or any of our other websites, please reach contact the Fellowship via email:


God bless.

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